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One of my favorite parts was to create scripts that are somewhat different and I have succeeded at that as well and created Powershell Script repository. Today I must say I have lost count of how many scripts I have created under me. This repository is created apart from AD, DNS, and DHCP ad hence have a lot of other scripts which are a must-have. From GPO to DFS Powershell script and to many other related Powershell scripts that have made my and my working team experience to the 9th cloud.

These scripts are created for obvious automation and keeping them with me was supposed to be a crime and hence displayed in this category. While we know the group policies tend to play a major role in any environment for setting up some rules and DFS plays an important role too then why not learn more about them by checking out the books below.

Useful Powershell commands for You

Get all commands for group policy

					Get-command -Module grouppolicy

Get GPO report

					Get-GPOReport -All -Domain xyz.com

Restore GPO

					Restore-GPO -Name "GPOname" -Path \\Server1\Backups

Backup GPO

					Backup-Gpo -All -Path \\Server1\GpoBackups

Get DFS replication groups

					Get-DfsReplicationGroup -GroupName RG02

Get DFS replication member

					Get-DfsrMember -GroupName "RG07" -ComputerName "SRV01"

Restart  Multiple Computer

					Restart-computer -computername A,B,C

Get All the services


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