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Windows Powershell comes alive with Powershellguru. The scripts are well tested and are easy to automate. As compared to other websites I design scripts that are being used in companies. Hence I know what is perfect for you and your requirements. Check out below my journey with Windows Powershell which you will definitely like.


 I know creating a relatable script in a short time is horrific as an horror movie but I have taken this opportunity to provide you some of my scripts which you might be looking for. All the scripts are categorized as active directory, DNS, DHCP, and scripts repository which is having a lot of scripts and I hope one of them will surely catch your eyes. I will also include some of the reference books which I usually prefer and they are great books to start your journey with.

Why to choose PowershellGuru?

I will say why not, some of the best and tested scripts are present on this website. I have done many scripts and added them as per the categories. This is a new approach to provide a better service to the needy. I have created this site with love and care for all the Powershell lovers across the world. Do check out my post and I hope you will take away more from this site.  

This small presentation is more than enough to choose us as we are Fast and offer secure and tested scripts. Become a member now and start posting your queries in the forum and I will ensure your queries will be resolved ASAP. 


One of the fastest site available 24/7


Safe to use Powershell Scripts


100 % tested scripts for use

Categorized Scripts

I offer some of the best scripts in each category that are tested in our environment so that you can run the scripts without any issues. I have divided the scripts into four categories so that it is easy to identify for you to choose.

About Me



I am a trained professional in Powershell having more than 4 years of experience in creating scripts for a production environment. I have successfully created more than 40+ scripts that are successfully running. 

Worked on Active Directory scripts, DNS scripts, DHCP scripts, and my own scripts repository. PowershellGuru was an idea to materialize my work and what I do can reach millions of users who want to automate and reduce manual tasks in day-to-day life. The Scripts offered are well tested and are ready to run. I don't support any plagiarism hence no scripts were copy-pasted here. I have modified the available scripts and created a more viable script that doesn't require any input from the user.

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