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PowerShellGuru is a free PowerShell blog website designed by Dhrub Bharali. We make PowerShell easy to understand have created multiple PowerShell scripts that are being widely used in the Industry and are loved by many.

Why PowerShellGuru?

PowerShellGuru is a website specializing in PowerShell automation, offering a repository of scripts for various tasks. Its blog section covers topics like file management, Azure, DNS, and Hyper-V. It’s a valuable resource for learning PowerShell and streamlining tasks with ready-made scripts.

About Me

Dhrub Bharali

Dhrub Bharali

I am a dedicated professional with over six years of expertise in Windows PowerShell, specializing in script development, system administration, reporting, and automation. My experience encompasses creating custom scripts, streamlining system maintenance, and mentoring others in the field. I am passionate about leveraging PowerShell to optimize IT processes and contribute to the broader IT community.

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